The Grape Escape

Services and Programs

The Grape Escape believes in providing Fun and Innovative Services to our Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, thus we will be offering numerous Programs and Services to them. We also believe in Laughter, Lots of Laughter, thus the Fun part of our Agency! Our services will be offered to enhance not only our guys and gals’ Skills, but their Senses, Imagination, Compassion and Creativity, as well. You will see from our Programs and Services, we will be Cooking, Cleaning, Laundry, Learning Programs such as QWERTY (a computer program for persons with disabilities), and Picture Exchange Communication System (a program to stimulate the senses of persons with Autism).

Rather than bringing a daily lunch, our kitchen guys and gals will be not only preparing these meals, but serving them, too! And, of course, you can’t have a meal without clean-up, thus there will be a Custodial Crew for clean-up!

With all of this, though, and since all work and no play make Johnny a dull boy, we will be offering outings -just to get out of the office :-)!

Now that you’ve learned a bit about us, check out the Skills we have to offer!


Meet & Greet Guests upon arrival – Answer Phones – Learn Computer Skills.


Assist Director / Supervisors with copying, faxing, shredding.

Education Skills

Basic Math / Check Ledgering / Reading using Calculator / Flash Cards.

Computer Skills

Learn Office Computer Programs / Skills by using QWERTY Program.

Culinary Skills

Preparing & Serving Nutritional Hot Lunches for consumers / supervisors.

Baking Skills

Baking low fat / low calorie / low cholesterol Snacks.

Grocery Shopping

Shopping for Weekly Lunches / Snacks.

Custodial Skills

Daily Maintenance: Vacuum/Dust/Mop -Kitchen/Bathroom Clean-up.


Provide complimentary Laundry service to our Elderly and Persons with Cancer and/or Life Threatening Illnesses by washing, drying, folding / hanging and delivering.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing T-Shirts / Sweat-Shirts for local Businesses.

WII Games/Skills

Refine WII Motor Skills while having fun learning Bowling, Baseball, Tennis etc.


Daily 20-minute exercise program –Dance to Oldies, Line Dance, etc.


Need we say more?


Jewelry making, building Bird Houses, making Scare Crows, Ceramics, Seasonal Decorating, etc.

Community Outings

Cleveland Zoo, Bowling, Sporting Event Games, Fine Arts, Goodtime III, Concerts in the Parks, Lake Farm Parks, Hay Rides, Train Rides, etc.